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Singiel „To Me” w porannej audycji Jima McGuinna na antenie amerykańskiego publicznego radia The Current.

BBC Radio 6 Music

Trupa Trupa powownie na antenie BBC Radio 6 Music. Tydzień temu singiel „To Me” gościł w audycji Lauren Laverne „Headphone Moment” oraz w audycji Toma Ravenscrofta. Wczoraj piosenka „To Me” zadebiutowała w audycji Gideona Coe oraz została ponownie zagrana w programie „Music Recommends” Toma Ravenscrofta.

Linki do wczorajszych podcastów:
Gideon Coe show – 1:09:10 – 1:13:05
Tom Ravenscroft Music Recommends – 0:14 – 04:05


Biuro Literackie publikuje na swojej stronie pierwszą zapowiedź tomu Sową, czyli ostatniej części trylogii zapoczątkowanej przez Radości. Książka ukaże się 6 listopada tego roku.

Recenzja koncertu w Lexington – CEEL.ORG.UK

„You know when it’s just been raining very heavily and suddenly the clouds break and the sun shines through? That’s what Trupa Trupa’s music sounds like as intense loud passages give way to gentle quiet interludes. This four-piece from Gdansk were making only their second U.K. appearance but they held the attention of the audience throughout and received warm applause at the end. Dalej Recenzja koncertu w Lexington – CEEL.ORG.UK

Recenzja singla TO ME – Tiny Mix Tapes

„Something I really enjoy about music is challenging myself with what I listen to when I click play. This is complete deflated when I hear someone singing. I just find it more unique when things are lyric-less or plane sampled. Maybe it’s more of a sculpture that way than someone’s middle-school poetry they mid-life crisis’d into a hard rock trope that’s fucking northern European. However (and most importantly), I gave up “rock and roll” long ago in the old Tipp City Post Office basement with Brandon and Nick and Marshall years ago, though, if I were there now with them jamming, we’d totally pump out some tunes like Trupa Trupa’s “To Me.” Snoop the color-soaked video above and believe in a few more Jolly New Songs in October. More to come!”



Singiel To Me w audycji „Circle Time with Mark” na antenie nowojorskiego radia WFMU.

Jim McGuinn

„While sometimes hearing rock and roll played from a non-English as first language country can be alarmingly bad or cartoonish, sometimes you hear the most interesting stuff imaginable. One of my favorite discoveries of the past year was digging into a Hungarian band from the ’70s called Illes – who were like the Beatles (or Stones) of Hungary, during the Communist era, and while reflecting the ’60s rock movement also retained elements of their native folk music and launguage. Now it’s 2017, and the world is global and information spreads more easily, so I don’t know that there’s a direct „Polish-ness” to Trupa Trupa, but there is an otherworld and unique vibe the exists in the songs – I’m not sure a band from the UK or US could sound like this. What’s it sounds like? If you take a bit of the Radiohead post-rock and a touch of Pink Floyd with a litte minimalism added in, plus whatever the second language and folk traditions their Polishness must impart, and you get this really interesting thing happening.”

Jim McGuinn jest dyrektorem programowym amerykańskiego publicznego radia The Current.