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Trupa Trupa wystąpi w przyszłym tygodniu na dwóch francuskich festiwalach: 27 października na Festiwalu SOY i 28 października na Festiwalu Rockomotives. Dalej Francja

Recenzja Coffin – The 405

„Coffin is the second single from Gdansk based Trupa Trupa’s upcoming fourth album Jolly New Songs. Made by band members Tomek Pawluczuk and Wojtek Juchniewicz – the video evokes the track’s title, putting us in an enclosed space. Images of broken branches and power stations flash before our eyes building to a beautiful crescendo alongside the songs post-rock guitars and drums.”

Jameson Kergozou,

Coffin / WFMU

Piosenka Coffin z Jolly News Songs zadebiutowała w nowojorskim radiu WFMU.

Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Muzzart

„Déjà signataires d’un excellent Headache (2016), les Polonais de Trupa Trupa remettent le couvert avec ce Jolly new songs qui, s’il apparaît dans un premier temps apaisé, n’en réserve pas moins certains moments de tension palpable, comme sur ce Falling vénéneux et d’obédience noisy ou encore, de manière plus insidieuse, avec Mist. Dalej Recenzja Jolly New Songs – Muzzart

Recenzja Coffin – The Sunday Experience

„Let’s not get fussy or sniffy about this, but I’m suspecting Trupa Trupa’s second full length, the impishly titled ‘jolly new songs’, due for release near the end of the month via blue tapes and x-ray / Ici d’ailleurs records, might if we bother to do one, find itself in the end of year best of listings. ‘coffin’ has just been raised from the set, think I may have said this on previous occasion, but no band does grandeur and majesty on such a divine slow burn as these folk, discounting that is Vukovar, who themselves are readying up to release ‘puritan’ shortly, copies coming I believe. Okay from what we can gather, ‘coffin’ is a strangely macabre love song lyrically speaking, delicately daubed in lazy eyed opines, think of a Butterflies of Love variant of the Velvets, the countrified mellowing tones crystallising dreamy to a relaxing what if sigh only to, at the 1.44 point, suddenly take a double turn and to the radiant spray of shimmering sonic fanfares a jubilant white light emerges and burns ever fiercer in intensity casting a tear staining rapturous finale before disappearing over the hill gone.”


Coffin / The Quietus

Brytyjski magazyn The Quietus publikuje drugi teledysk i singiel Coffin zapowiadający płytę Jolly New Songs: „Soon we will see the release of the fourth album, Jolly New Songs, from Trupa Trupa, marking their second with the Blue Tapes labels following 2015’s Headache, and now they have shared a video for album track ‚Coffin’. The nocturnal visuals of barren tree branches and power stations sit alongside the band’s somewhat morbid love song which marries intense post-rock guitars with more indie sensibilities underlined by singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski’s delicate vocals. The video was made by the band’s drummer Tomek Pawluczuk, who is also a graphic designer, and bassist Wojtek Juchniewicz. The album itself sees the band gunning for an overtly more triumphant tone than previous offerings. Jolly New Songs is out on October 27 via Blue Tapes and French label Ici D’ailleurs.”

Radio Helsinki

Wiersze z nowej trylogii w interpetacji austriackich aktorów i w tłumaczeniu Bernharda Hartmanna na antenie Radia Helsinki w podcaście 01:25 do 5.00.