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Reportaż o Trupie Trupa w BBC World Service (The World Tonight).

Now, most of us are nostalgic about the pop music of our youth. It was better then. But essentially, love, the lack of it, the pursuit of it, and the obsession with it – that’s the stuff of most pop music. And probably always has been. Occasionally though, superstar-singers and bands address major political themes, or profound aspects of human lives. And that’s the case of the Polish band – Trupa Trupa, currently on tour in the UK. Dalej BBC World Service

Trupa Trupa at Pohoda 2020

According to Metro, they are combining post-punk and psych with skill. “The Beatles sing Joy Division oversimplifies them but doesn’t misrepresent them”. According to The Guardian, “the band’s music blends off-kilter melodies, dense instrumentation and lyrical explorations of the darkest side of the human condition”. The Times compares them to Sonic Youth, Radiohead and the Manchester scene in the 80s. According to Mojo, their “gripping and energetic record packs a serious punch”. KEXP highlights “ominous guitars, stern rhythms and haunting melodies” and The Quietus agrees. These quotes sound like a review of the Mercury Prize winning album. In reality, the authors of these reviews are singing Of the Sun’s praises, which is the latest album recorded by the acclaimed Gdansk art-rock band Trupa Trupa.  When big Western agencies, festivals and media take interest in artists from the Central and Eastern Europe region, it’s definitely a good sign for the local scene as well. As Pitchfork describes, “Trupa Trupa are the rare dystopian post-punk band to embrace optimism and levity as necessary survival mechanisms. They may not have the perfect prescription for a better world, but they welcome you to imagine one together”. This invitation applies to the Pohoda 2020 visitors as well.

The First News

„The band that won’t forget: Gdańsk group mixes poetry with psychedelia – and messages about the Holocaust.

A Gdańsk-based indie band has made waves in international waters with music taking on political populism and Holocaust denial.

Trupa, Trupa, a four-piece group from the coastal city, won international attention when their first album ‘Headache’ was released by a British label in 2015, and since then they have picked up rave reviews from esteemed publications such as Rolling Stone, The Chicago Tribune and The Times. Dalej The First News

Recenzja kasety „I’ll find” – Tabs out

It’s been a joy covering Trupa Trupa over the past couple of years, and I was absolutely delighted to see the band from Gdańsk, Poland, popping up here on Whited Sepulchre’s split series. Their brand of psychedelic post-punk with intensely political undertones (frontdude Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is a fascinating poet and researcher, digging into some World War II–related topics on CBC radio documentary “The Invisible Shoes of Stutthof Concentration Camp”) is easy to return to again and again, and their new record “Of the Sun” on Lovitt is a stunner. Here we get “I’ll find,” a sixteen-minute castoff from that record that the band admitted they just couldn’t stop playing. So it sees the light of day here on the A-side, a rumbling kraut jam with ethereal vocals and mesmerizing repetition that expands and contracts the longer it goes, like lungs taking in and expelling breath. It’s paired with “Voice of Rain” by Austin psych-rockers Suspirians, and it’s an inspired match. While Suspirians don’t have as even a keel – or an even keel at all – the trio kick out almost seventeen minutes of dense jammage, just as Texans are bound to do if you give them guitars and drums and such and plug them in. Plus, Suspirians are witches, I think! Which makes their side even cooler. I’m riding that pagan vibe all the way to my own oblivion, riding that nuke till it blows up somewhere way out in the desert.

Ryan Masteller,

Recenzja singla End Of The Line –

In this week of love and sickness, of course, some new music needs to emphasize the ‘sickness’-part of that equation. Cindy Lee and Trupa Trupa both released stuff that’s simultaneously beautiful and bloodcurdling. The latter took this quite literally by showing footage of a friggin snowman on fire in their video for ‘End Of The Line’. The song reminds me a bit of Deerhunter’s ‘Sailing’, and that’s a good thing.

Jasper Willems,

Recenzja Of The Sun – Fördeflüsterer

Da wächst langsam etwas Großes zusammen, diese Feststellung hatte ich zu „Headache“ geschrieben. Das war 2015, und es handelte sich dabei um das dritte Album der Band Trupa Trupa. Zwei Jahre später erschien „Jolly New Songs“, und das war schon ein toller kompakter Brocken, aber auch ein wenig undurchsichtig, dabei sehr reizvoll und auch schon großartig. Dalej Recenzja Of The Sun – Fördeflüsterer

James Thornhill

I’ve seen Trupa Trupa twice this year, once a month! And both times their incredible songs have taken on a slightly different life. Friday at MENT Ljubljana they again proved why they are one of the best rock bands right now. No song ever goes exactly where you’d expect – they have sweetness, aggression, light and dark in the sound woven from alt-rock, math-rock, shoegaze and classic pop. Dalej James Thornhill

Recenzja koncertu na festiwalu MENT – Under The Radar Magazine

Polish band Trupa Trupa is a far more complicated picture to draw, as they take to the stage in Ljubliana Castle. Having seen them as a three-piece in January, their usual fourth member added even more complexity to this enigma of a band. A singular type of rock band, that exist in our understanding but also just outside of it, their pained vocals dance with a vibrant rhythmic backdrop, crushing walls of noise and psychedelic pop melodies. When their violence dissipates for calm, they hit heights of engulfing beauty. Every audience I have been in watching Trupa Trupa has left stunned, gasping for more but not fully understanding why – that is a special kind of band.

James Thornhill,


End Of The Line

Singiel End Of The Line zapowiada płytę EP I”ll find, która ukaże się 6 marca nakładem Glitterbeat Records (Europa), Lovitt Records (USA), Moorworks (Japonia) i Anteny Krzyku (Polska).