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BBC Radio 6 Music

„I am loving the music of Trupa Trupa out of Poland.”

Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6 Music, Freak Zone


The Current

Piosenka Longing zadebiutowała właśnie na antenie radia The Current w audycji New Hot Davida Safara.

Podcast –

Making postpunk in the shadow of history: an interview with Trupa Trupa / Volume 1 Brooklyn

The music made by Polish post-punks Trupa Trupa finds a haunting balance between intensity and off-beat melodies, even as the group’s lyrics juxtapose the absurd with the harrowing. Their next album, Of the Sun, is due out next month on Lovitt Records, and they’ll be touring the US in October — including a stop at Union Pool on October 8. I talked with singer-guitarist Grzegorz Kwiatkowski about the group’s music, his poetry, and the place where they all converge. Dalej Making postpunk in the shadow of history: an interview with Trupa Trupa / Volume 1 Brooklyn

David Fricke / Rolling Stone / SiriusXM / Of The Sun

„Just really dug them a lot. Trupa Trupa. A band that is at once very experimental but also deeply commited to the kind of noise that gets you out of your seat. You can get the sense that there is a lot of social protest, a lot of noise on behalf of the issues that matter. This is Trupa Trupa. The new album is called Of the Sun out in September. This is a track that really has a great sort of heavy metal Radiohead vibe about it and I really dig it. Keep an eye of that record.”

Rock and Roll Globe / Longing / Of The Sun

„Great modern psychedelic rock is alive and well and living its best life in Poland. And leading the present charge of innovative talent from Eastern Europe is Trupa Trupa, who will be releasing their excellent, excellent new album, Of The Sun, on September 13th via Lovitt Records – a taste of which you can check out on their BandCamp page. Dalej Rock and Roll Globe / Longing / Of The Sun

Jim McGuinn / Longing / Of The Sun

„Trupa Trupa’s music mixes elements of so many things I love – bits of psychedelia, krautrock, repetition, noise, melody, and beauty. It can be haunting, harsh, disturbing, meditative – sometimes all in the same track. This year they have made their best album yet, and have started releasing songs from it. Here’s a new video they posted last week for the song Longing – and the video has me beguiled, wondering about it long after I’ve watched it – who are these kids, why are the doing what they are doing, where was this filmed, when was it filmed? Beguiled enough to share it below.”

Jim McGuinn, The Current