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London Calling Festival

Post-hardcore, shoegaze, postpunk, indiepop: Trupa Trupa brengt al deze stijlen onder in een krachtig en schitterend eigen geluid. Het meest recente album van de experimentele indierockband uit Gdańsk werd lovend ontvangen door The Quietus en Pitchfork, maar ook voor eerdere studioalbums kon Trupa Trupa rekenen op prachtige recensies en werden zelfs vergelijkingen met bands als Mercury Rev, My Bloody Valentine, Syd Barrett en Can gemaakt. Of, zoals The Quietus schrijft: “Trupa Trupa’s Of The Sun takes apparently simple songs and brutally smashes them up”.

Fergal Kinney / OFF Festival

You can make a real link between black midi’s fierce invention and many of the Polish acts on the bill at OFF Festival – take Trupa Trupa, whose hypnotic post-punk uses CAN basslines as starting points to deliver a psychedelia far more interesting than many of their motorikby-number British counterparts. There’s a shamanistic but unfussy quality to frontman Kwiatkowski – how soon can we have them over in Britain? The closest thing to a Turkish Pet Shop Boys (and this is perhaps the highest compliment one could give), Trupa Trupa draw a huge audience for their gutteral synth-pop – you don’t have to understand their wry, well-observed lyrics to enjoy gorgeous offerings like Koca Bir Sacmalik neither.

Fergal Kinney, Louder Than War magazine

BBC World Service

Reportaż o Trupie Trupa w BBC World Service (The World Tonight).

Now, most of us are nostalgic about the pop music of our youth. It was better then. But essentially, love, the lack of it, the pursuit of it, and the obsession with it – that’s the stuff of most pop music. And probably always has been. Occasionally though, superstar-singers and bands address major political themes, or profound aspects of human lives. And that’s the case of the Polish band – Trupa Trupa, currently on tour in the UK. Dalej BBC World Service

End Of The Line

Singiel End Of The Line zapowiada płytę EP I”ll find, która ukaże się 6 marca nakładem Glitterbeat Records (Europa), Lovitt Records (USA), Moorworks (Japonia) i Anteny Krzyku (Polska).

Trupa Trupa / Algiers

Trupa Trupa otworzy dwa niemieckie koncerty zespołu Algiers!

21 kwietnia | Trupa Trupa / Algiers | Hamburg | Knust
27 kwietnia | Trupa Trupa / Algiers  | Berlin | Lido

Iggy Pop

„A clever and strong group Trupa Trupa!” mówi na antenie BBC Radio 6 music Iggy Pop.

Podcast od 19 minuty.

Ben Thompson / Resonance FM

„I know what you wanna hear now. Are you ready for music from the Polish Fugazi? It’s a handy formulation for a very seriously guitar rock with a sort of undertow of memory. Memory, cause everything going on is memory obviously, just about awareness, political awareness that is bound into the strings, how about that. […] Nice long fadeout for such a short track. „It did not take place”, but of course it did. I think it’s the point they’re making. Erasure, not the band, the issue of course – it’s big currently, can’t get away from it.”

Ben Thompson, one of Britain’s most respected cultural critics. He currently contributes to the Mojo and the Sunday Telegraph.