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Trupa Trupa jednym z dwunastu najciekawszych artystów, którzy wystąpią w tym roku na festiwalu Primavera Sound wg Mindies.  Dalej Mindies

Festival Primavera

„If post-rock were an animal that dies in the depths of a dense wood, Trupa Trupa would be the ghost of that noble beast, silently observing how its mortal corpse decomposes. Is this image too bleak for your taste? Well, if we translate their name from the original Polish we would get something like “Corpse Corpse”, so the simile is not misleading. Anyway, the formation fronted by the poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski has enough of a sense of humour to call its latest album Jolly New Songs (2017) a collection of litanies shrouded in psychedelic fog and admired by media such as The Quietus and Tiny Mix Tapes, and even by the great Chloë Sevigny.”


Występ Trupy Trupa jednym z 10 najbardziej oczekiwanych koncertów na Liverpool Sound City wg Getintothis!

„Firstly, from Gdańsk, Poland. Trupa Trupa have taken the wistful cinematic soundscapes of Yann Tieren and the volume and poise of Cave In and mixed them together to create some Jolly New Songs. We can assume that there’s some irony in using this as the name for their latest album; either that or it’s a diversion, a table leg on the trapdoor to keep the tentacles from escaping. It could even be for balance; unless our Google translate has been possessed by the brooding, vigilant post-rock gods, their name means ‘dead body’ in Polish. (It could also be ‘band band’ in Romainain.) Either way, they bring a subtle delicacy and wide reach to their range of post rock. Singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is a published poet, and he imbues their quieter moments with an understated grace. But when the table leg splinters and the bass kicks in, you’d better make sure you’ve made your peace with the nethergods.”

Debiut w BBC Radio 1

Trupa Trupa debiutuje w BBC Radio 1, które poleca sobotni występ na festiwalu Liverpool Sound City.

Podcast od 06:25.