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Wywiad na łamach The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music

„Ilia Rogatchevski catches up with the Polish quartet’s front man to discuss Gdansk’s tumultuous history, the films of Werner Herzog and the importance of boredom to the creative process.

Trupa Trupa are an art rock band from Gdansk. Fusing elements of post-hardcore, no wave and psychedelia, the four-piece exude a restless energy that bears the hallmarks of Fugazi’s uncompromising punk ethos. Fronted by the poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, the band weave absurd lyrics through liquifying guitar riffs, angular bass lines and concise percussion. Repetition plays a key role in their work, as is evidenced by their playful band name, which roughly translates to a troupe of corpses. Dalej Wywiad na łamach The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music

Sub Pop

Trupa Trupa podpisała kontrakt z wytwórnią Sub Pop Records, która wydała właśnie singiel „Dream about” i opublikowała video autorstwa Benjamina Fingera.

„Sub Pop has signed Trupa Trupa from Gdańsk, Poland for a worldwide deal, and will release new music from the group in 2019. While we await details of that release, the band have delivered an official video for “Dream About” a new song that features a honeyed falsetto that totters over a menacing bassline, and the frisson between them so hypnotic it renders the title phrase as an existential mantra, a lifeline.”

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Trupa Trupa znalazła się na liście 50 najciekawszych zespołów 2019 roku wg Louderthanwar.

„Carving out unique, individual spaces in a zone where mould-breaking innovation has all too often ossified into idea-free conformity. Essential listening.”


5 nowych wierszy na łamach magazynu Helikopter.


Agnieszka Holland

„Agnieszka Holland w naszym cyklu Kulturalnie poleca opowiada o tym co czyta, czego słucha i co ogląda. […] Mam nadzieję, że kolejny krążek wyda mój ulubiony zespół Trupa Trupa.”


Trupa Trupa artystą dnia wg SXSW!

„Today’s SXSW Artist of the day is Polish grunge rock band Trupa Trupa. Their 2017 album Jolly New Songs received critical acclaim for pairing carefully crafted and poetic lyrics to the group’s dark, edgy and lingering psychrock. Additionally, Rolling Stone named them one of the best artist at SXSW 2018 this past March. We can’t wait to hear what new material they bring to Austin for 2019!”

SXSW 2019

Trupa Trupa wystąpi ponownie na Festiwalu SXSW w Austin w Teksasie.

Iceland Airwaves / Rolling Stone

Występ Trupy Trupa jednym z 10 najbardziej oczekiwanych koncertów na Festiwalu Iceland Airwaves wg Davida Fricke z magazynu Rolling Stone!

„This avant-rock band from Gdansk, Poland is ready for its own major-label moment, based on the exciting union of experimental vigor and garage-rock fundamentals — like a Radiohead raised on a bi-polar diet of Nuggets and the German band Faust — on their two albums (2015’s Headache, 2016’s Jolly New Songs) and in the set I saw at SXSW last year. Credit where it’s due: Trupa Trupa were heartily recommended to me at last year’s Airwaves by Jim McGuinn, the program director at Minnesota Public Radio’s “The Current.” Take his advice as I did.”