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Recenzja koncertu na festiwalu MENT – The Quietus

Trupa Trupa are a very moreish rock band boasting undoubted skill and killer songs, who trade in a mix of Weimar cabaret, brutal math rock and frazzled psychedelia. Despite seeming to pay an updated libation to the greats of the canon, there is something very un-rock about them. They also seems to be there in front of you but not there; a sensation that has unnerved every audience I have seen them play to. Singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski obviously enjoys this tension, his pre-song monologues used to both invoke a sense of future-past and a feeling of remove. Is he being ironic? Maybe. I wonder if Trupa Trupa are classic rock’s undertakers, every gig carrying the coffin reverently to its final resting place. Playing the city’s castle they seemed intent on creating an unearthly rumble (helped a lot by some booming bass and very strange samples), and charming out old memories embedded in the stone walls. They are a fascinating act.

Richard Foster,

Trupa Trupa / Algiers

Trupa Trupa otworzy dwa niemieckie koncerty zespołu Algiers!

21 kwietnia | Trupa Trupa / Algiers | Hamburg | Knust
27 kwietnia | Trupa Trupa / Algiers  | Berlin | Lido

Iggy Pop

„A clever and strong group Trupa Trupa!” mówi na antenie BBC Radio 6 music Iggy Pop.

Podcast od 19 minuty.

Ben Thompson / Resonance FM

„I know what you wanna hear now. Are you ready for music from the Polish Fugazi? It’s a handy formulation for a very seriously guitar rock with a sort of undertow of memory. Memory, cause everything going on is memory obviously, just about awareness, political awareness that is bound into the strings, how about that. […] Nice long fadeout for such a short track. „It did not take place”, but of course it did. I think it’s the point they’re making. Erasure, not the band, the issue of course – it’s big currently, can’t get away from it.”

Ben Thompson, one of Britain’s most respected cultural critics. He currently contributes to the Mojo and the Sunday Telegraph.

The Morning Star

Of The Sun uznano za „the most unexpected revelation” 2019 roku przez brytyjski dziennik The Morning Star.

„It’s been a year of pleasant and rewarding surprises, with Polish outfit Trupa Trupa’s Of The Sun (Glitterbeats Records) being perhaps the most unexpected revelation.

Frontman and poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski has described their music as “a meditative, pessimistic thing,” adding that Don Quixote is an inspiration.

Brimming with sophisticated exploratory rock arrangements, delivered with superb musicianship, overlapping voices, beautiful guitar cadences and a spellbinding syncopation of bass guitar and drums, the sense of innovation is captivating, none more so than on the pulsating Long Time Ago.”


להקת הפוסט-פאנק הפולנית טרופה-טרופה זוכה להצלחה בינלאומית מפתיעה עם שירים על השואה ועל פוליטיקה ● בראיון נוקב, מסביר אחד מחבריה את משיכתו לנושא – ומביע תקווה כי הגל הפופוליסטי באירופה יחלוף במהרה ● „פעם חשבתי שהרוע נשאר בעבר, אבל עכשיו הוא חוזר” Dalej Zman

Le Monde Juif

Un groupe post-punk polonais dénonce populisme, haine et négation de la Shoah.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, chanteur et compositeur de Trupa Trupa – marqué par la déportation de sa famille au camp de Stutthof – parle de la vérité au pouvoir à travers une poésie punk. Dalej Le Monde Juif

The Southern California News Group

Polish band Trupa Trupa brings post-punk and dark poetry to Desert Daze and beyond.

In a backstage garden, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski carried around a large, overflowing plastic bag full of intense cold medicines. The lead singer of the Polish rock band Trupa Trupa had caught a cold from his 8-month-old son before the group’s gig at one of Poland’s most popular summer festivals. Dalej The Southern California News Group