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Sam Lipsyte about “Crops”

The great writer and post punk musician Sam Lipsyte talks about “Crops”:

“These poems are brutal, strangely exquisite, and, unfortunately, still necessary. With his words and his music and his relentless campaign of stark honesty and regenerative connection, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is a genuine glimmer of hope in a darkening world.”


On November 1st book “Crops” translated by professor Peter Constantine will be published by Rain Taxi. The book is accompanied by blurbs by Imani Perry, Sam Lipstyle, Cynthia Zarin and Richard Deming.

Stanford University

Stanford University cordially invites you to “I Say It Burns: Poet / post-rock musician Grzegorz Kwiatkowski in Conversation with Cynthia Haven”. The meeting will be held on Friday, October 8.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Witness Trupa Trupa’s postpunk triptych in the video for “Fitzcarraldo”.

The music made by Gdańsk’s Trupa Trupa covers a wide range, both musically and emotionally. “Fitzcarraldo,” from their 2020 EP I’ll Find, is more on the blissed-out side of things, juxtaposing nimble guitar melodies with an airy musical backdrop. The brand-new video (also available below) finds the band crossing the United States, and includes some footage shot at their show at Union Pool.