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The Guardian Weekly

The excellent text by Kate Connolly about abandoned shoes in Sztutowo also appeared in the Guardian Weekly magazine, which publishes a selection of the most interesting and important texts from this journal. The author of the following photos is Bartosz Bańka.


In Poland, History, Politics and Memory Remain Deeply and Painfully Intertwined. A visit to Jewish and cultural sites across Poland reveals a country looking to move on from eight years of populist rule that turned the Holocaust into a political minefield.


At the foot of a pine tree, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski bent to touch the black, moist shapes nestling amid the fungi and leaf mulch. “I’ve been monitoring this area now since 2015, and always hope I won’t stumble upon anything any more and that one day the entire area will have been cleared,” he said. This, however, was not that day.

University of Minnesota

On April 17th, the University of Minnesota will host ‘Resilience Through Verse: Narrative Reflections of Trauma Through Poetry’. The event will feature Grzegorz Kwiatkowski and Jephta Nguherimo as guests, with moderation by Michael Winikoff.


On April 8th, at Columbia University in New York, the event “Echoes of Trauma” will take place. Leela Corman, Jordan Mechner, and Grzegorz Kwiatkowski will participate in a discussion on how historical, familial, and cultural trauma inform their work. The meeting will be hosted by Professor Jeremy Dauber.