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“Making Art Out of History’s Tragedies” – Genocide Studies and Prevention

This interview was conducted via e-mail in November 2021. Grzegorz Kwiatkowski was in Gdańsk and Sanford Jacoby in Los Angeles. They met through Grzegorz’s poetry and discovered that they shared K.Z. Stutthof, a concentration camp in Poland, as a presence in their lives. The prisoners included ethnic Poles and Jews (the latter self-identified or categorized as such by the Nazis). It’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of its 110,000 inmates were murdered until the camp was closed in May 1945, the last camp liberated by the Allies. Here Kwiatkowski reflects on the violence perpetrated in Poland during the Second World War, and the dualities of the Polish experience. Is it possible for art to reckon with the darkness, free of melodrama and kitsch?

Grotte du Lazaret

The poem, “world”, was included in ‘the Palaeolithic Grotte du Lazaret in Nice’, as part of the project by The University of Texas at Dallas and the LabSynthE studio of professor Xtine Burrough. The poem, “world”, taken from book, “Crops”, translated by Peter Constantine, can be heard starting at 48 seconds.

The living and the dead – New Eastern Europe

A conversation with Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, a Polish poet, and Trupa Trupa, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. Interviewer: Jacek Hajduk.

JACEK HAJDUK: During the 2019 SXSW Music Festival you dedicated the performance of your group, Trupa Trupa, to the memory of the late Gdańsk mayor, Paweł Adamowicz. Let us then start with Gdańsk. How much of this city is with you today? And how was it before? Which faces of this multi-layered urban centre are close to your heart?


On November 1st book “Crops” translated by professor Peter Constantine will be published by Rain Taxi. The book is accompanied by blurbs by Imani Perry, Sam Lipstyle, Cynthia Zarin and Richard Deming.

Never Forget What Hate Can / Ruth Ben-Ghiat

I am pleased to bring you this interview with Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, a member of the Polish psychedelic post-punk band Trupa Trupa, and the author of several books of poetry that address history, remembrance, and ethics. His latest poems will appear in the review Rain Taxi in November. Kwiatkowski’s musical and literary works have been published and reviewed in The Guardian, Modern Poetry in Translation, Rolling Stone, and the BBC and other places. Trupa Trupa’s songs have denounced Holocaust denialism, as in the tracks Remainder and Never Forget. The band has performed at Desert Daze Festival, South By Southwest, Iceland Airwaves, and Haldern Pop Festival. In 2020 they took part in an NPR Tiny Desk session. Their latest EP is I’ll Find. Our conversation was held on March 23, 2021, and has been edited for clarity and flow.