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Gazeta Wyborcza reviews Trupa Trupa “ttt” cassette

Trupa Trupa is something more than a band, it’s actually an artistic venture, it’s an exercise in aesthetics. The latest album is as good for an independent club as it is for a contemporary art gallery.

Because “ttt” is like a sound collage, patchwork abstraction, puzzles. Two compositions, simply titled “Strona A” and “Strona B” (each lasting about 20 minutes), consist of excerpts from band rehearsals, quotes from conversations, field recordings, including numerous trips, which the Tri-City Trupa Trupa has been doing around the world for several years. “ttt” is not easy to listen to. This album hurts, bothers, imposes itself on the listener, surrounds him. But it also seduces with its sonic swirl. The album was released in two formats: connoisseur (cassette) and open (digital).

Łukasz Kamiński,