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German premiere of “The Sixth Commandment”

Today at 20.00 at the Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin at the Festival für Neue Musik, the German premiere of “The Sixth Commandment” by Elżbieta Sikora will take place, performed by SWR Experimentalstudio and Les Métaboles, conducted by Léo Warynski.

In the piece “The Sixth Commandment” the composer used the words of witnesses of the crimes committed in the German Majdanek concentration camp and juxtaposed them with the poetry of the Uyghur dissident Ekhmetjan Osman and with poems from my tetralogy “Radości”, “Spalanie”, “Sową” and “Karl Heinz M.”

The title of the composition “The Sixth Commandment” refers to the sixth commandment in the Talmudic tradition: “thou shall not kill” and is dedicated to the victims of violence and injustice.

Photo by Bartosz Koziak.