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For the second time recently I am writing the same words: I am extremely proud of the city of Gdańsk, the city which remembers and takes care. Yesterday after the shocking anti-Semitic scandal in the Polish pwicz with a suggestion of taking some action.

Commemoration of Gdańsk’s Jewish Ghetto was such a great step, and this antisemitic event from yesterday was like a big dark cloud on the collective memory of Poland. But Gdańsk remembers and takes care:

“Thanking you for your suggestion regarding a possible form of reaction to the incident at the seat of the Polish Parliament, I cordially invite you to light Hanukkah candles together with representatives of the Jewish Community in Gdańsk. We are planning to organize this event at the City Hall in Gdańsk.”

And it will happen today. Thank you very much.

In the photo you can see the 19th century Hanukkah Lamp which belonged to the Danzig Jewish Community.