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Times of Israel / Voices of 2022: A dozen posts that moved and shook us

Times Of Israel just published a list of “A dozen posts that moved and shook us in 2022” and appeal “The forgotten ghetto in the heart of Gdansk” is among them.

“Just in case you missed them: superb offerings from The Times of Israel blogs that touched hearts, stirred souls and nourished minds. This end-of-year selection for 2022 shines a light on a handful of strongly-written posts that leave lasting impressions. Although we had a great deal of powerful content on the recent elections and so many other urgent topics, this collection steers away from politics and daily current events in general (well, mostly), and addresses broader themes. I am supremely grateful for all the writers who keep this platform humming with ideas and perspectives, stories and testimonies, pictures and poetry and who are collectively telling the complex story of Israel and the region, and Jewish life and thought.

History is not written by the victors alone, it’s also written by the nudniks. The ones who notice the void where there should be a museum or a monument or a plaque or anything marking a site of events that must never be forgotten. Such is Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, a Polish poet and psychedelic rocker on a mission of remembrance.“

Miriam Herschlag,