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Declaration from the museum

Great news from the Stutthof Museum! After 10 years, we’ve finally obtained such a declaration from the museum!

  • Several hundred kilograms of shoes collected so far, which are located under the camp monument, will be secured and displayed in the new Visitor Service Building.
  • Cleaning up what is currently in the forest and committing to regularly monitor the area and clean up what surfaces because the earth shifts, and these tragic findings will regularly appear.
  • Properly marking the area outside the museum so that tourists know what they might encounter and what to do if such a situation arises.

These pieces of information were obtained by Tomasz Słomczyński and are part of a TVN 24 report.

It’s been a very long journey, but it seems that, just as with the commemoration of the Jewish Ghetto in Gdańsk, here too we have a happy ending.

In the photo: A group of Jews in front of a mountain of shoes, Stutthof, 1947, Credit: Yad Vashem.