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Primavera Sound / Antyradio

„Kolejny raz zachodnie media zwróciły uwagę na Polaków z kapeli Trupa Trupa. Występ na Primavera Sound został doceniony przez krytyków muzycznych. Myśleliście, że tylko Riverside i Behemoth są polskimi kapelami, które odnoszą spore sukcesy za granicą? Otóż najnowszym objawieniem jest zespół Trupa Trupa. Kapela powstała w 2009 roku w Gdańsku i jej muzyka to eksperymentalny rock z elementami psychodelii. Za poetyckie teksty odpowiada wokalista i gitarzysta Grzegorz Kwiatkowski oraz basista i gitarzysta Wojciech Juchniewicz. Dalej Primavera Sound / Antyradio

Primavera Sound / QRO Magazine

„Trupa Trupa were a revelation. Their sweet, generous mix of light shoegaze, light indie rock from the ‘90s, light post-rock, and a very simple and straightforward sense of humour made for a fun and, let’s say, digestible concert. To that, it helped that sounds like “Coffin” were about a coffin, tracks like “Wasteland” were about the wasteland, and tunes like “Never Forget” were about never forgetting. One of those bands that without realising you will be listening to for a long time.”

Abel Cruz,

Primavera Sound / Nouvelle Vague

Trupa Trupa zagrała jeden z najlepszych koncertów na festiwalu Primavera Sound wg magazynu Nouvelle Vague.

„On the stage Night Pro, the excellent performance of the polish band Trupa Trupa, in a deep and hypnotic atmosphere.”

Modern Poetry In Translation / The Best Of World Poetry

Wiersze z nowej trylogii w angielskim tłumaczeniu Elżbiety Wójcik-Leese ukazały się w nowym numerze Modern Poetry in Translation, legendarnego magazynu literackiego założonego przez Teda Hughesa.

„The Polish poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski admits to his poetic affinity with Edgar Lee Masters. Although he borrows his approaches from Spoon River Anthology, Kwiatkowski emphasizes the differences too: ‚I’m very interested in history. My grandfather was a prisoner in Stutthof, the Nazi concentration camp east of what used to be the Free City of Danzig. Later he was forced to become a Wehrmacht soldier.’ Kwiatkowski’s poems explore not only conflicted pasts of Central and South-Eastern Europe (for example, the Nazi T4 Euthanasia Program), but also the paradoxes of contemporary genocides, for instance in Rwanda. As the poet explains, ‚I’m intrigued by the combination of ethics and aesthetics in one person, one life, one story.’ His minimalist poems have been perceived as quasi-testimonies, ‚full of passion, terror and disgust’, provocative and lyrical utterances delivered by the killed and the dead. Ultimately, they become portrayals of Death.” Dalej Modern Poetry In Translation / The Best Of World Poetry

Primavera Sound / Full Moon Magazine

Koncerty Nicka Cave’a & The Bad Seeds, Father John Misty i Trupy Trupa jednymi z najlepszych występów podczas tegorocznej edycji Primavera Sound wg Full Moon Magazine!


Jacek Hawryluk i Bartek Chaciński o Trupie Trupa w audycji HCH.

Recenzja występu na Liverpool Sound City – Gigwise

„After such revelry the day entered a third stage; watching the bands on our curatorial list sock it to the locals. Gdansk’s Trupa Trupa were up first, knocking out an ear-bleedingly loud set on a hot afternoon upstairs in the Blade Factory. Singer Grzegorz was quick to sardonically inform a wondering crowd that the band sung “very simple” songs. But that was a red herring, as there is an integral otherness about Trupa Trupa that belies their very more-ish rock, which draws on the ghost of Barrett, Pixies and (to these ears) Faust. And they are masters at creating a vast emotional and spiritual hinterland that exudes a mystery that’s hard to grasp. A series of rumbling, menacing tracks were delivered at ear-splitting volume that in turn set up a crashing ending where the band barred their teeth and showed the unhinged side of their nature. The shellshocked survivors staggered out onto the blazing sun.”

Richard James Foster,


„Doesn’t it just sound like the master tape was attacked by a pack of wolfes?” czyli Zach Schonfeld z amerykańskiego Newsweeka i Paula Mejia z New Yorkera analizują piosenkę „Only Good Weather” na antenie programu NOT97 prowadzonego przez Matthew Schonfelda.

Piosenka rozpoczyna się w 17.54 natomiast dyskusja w 23:43.


Trupa Trupa jednym z dwunastu najciekawszych artystów, którzy wystąpią w tym roku na festiwalu Primavera Sound wg Mindies.  Dalej Mindies