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Ted Hughes’s Crow at 50

Uniwersytet Cambridge i The Ted Hughes Society zapraszają na „Ted Hughes’s Crow at 50: a seminar devoted to the extraordinary power and enduring life of Crow. The seminar will feature a distinguished panel of speakers: Dame Marina Warner, Alice Oswald, Mark Cocker and Grzegorz Kwiatkowski.” Spotkanie odbędzie się 17 marca. Szczegółowe informacje dotyczące wydarzenia znajdują się na stronie

The Register-Guard / The Jewish Theological Seminary

„This week’s first pick is not local, but streaming worldwide from New York City and Gdańsk, Poland.

The Jewish Theological Seminary’s Dr. David Kraemer will speak to poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, a rock musician who speaks out against Holocaust denial, genocide and the rise of right-wing nationalism in Poland. Kwiatkowski’s lyrics rage against populism and hatred, leading the indie rock band Trupa Trupa’s deep, off-kilter melodies and soaring instrumentation.