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Of The Sun

Premiera nowego albumu „Of The Sun” odbędzie się 13 września tego roku jako międzynarodowa kooperacja Glitterbeat Records (Europa), Lovitt Records (USA), Moorworks (Japonia) i Anteny Krzyku (Polska). Zespół współpracuje z Paradigm Talent Agency na terenie Ameryki Północnej i Południowej, Azji i Australii oraz z agencją ATC Live na terenie Europy i od września tego roku rozpocznie trasę koncertową promującą „Of The Sun” po Stanach Zjednoczonych, Europie i Japonii.

Sharpe Festival / Louder Than War

„Oh my good God, I have seen the light! How have Trupa Trupa evaded me for so long? They played here last year becoming a bit of a LTW favourite when John covered them. The frontman is a ringer for Syd Barrett right down to the heads-down glissando guitar wailing from his Gibson SG. Fingers a blur as he hammers the strings up and down creating an all-enveloping fuzz. There is a dark almost industrial element to Trupa Trupa part Eastern European tropes, almost military chants before exploding in haunting guitars. So many influences – so much to take in! Dalej Sharpe Festival / Louder Than War

Sharpe Festival / Under the Radar magazine

Trupa Trupa zagrała jeden z najciekawszych koncertów na Sharpe Festival wg Under the Radar magazine.

„Polish outfit Trupa Trupa have just signed a deal with legendary U.S. label Sub Pop, and within precisely 45 seconds of their opening number it’s easy to see why. Their uncompromising blend of post-punk, grunge, and psych rock makes for a lethal concoction that’s one part Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, one part Hawkwind, and the rest garnered from any number of late ’80s slacker bands you’d care to mention (we’ll go for Dinosaur Jr).”

Sharpe Festival / Full Moon Magazine

Trupa Trupa zagrała jeden z najlepszych koncertów na Sharpe Festival wg Full Moon Magazine.

„Poláci opět zasahují, vedle suverénních Trupa Trupa zaujalá i trojice z městečka Sadki. Jejich sofistikovaná elektro psychedelie se skvělým zpěvem bavila náramně.”

Dream about

Piosenka Dream About jest emitowana przez BBC Radio 6 Music, SiriusXM, The Current, NPR i KEXP.

Podcast z wczorajszej audycji na antenie BBC od 2:14 –

United Islands of Prague

You may or may not have seen this inconspicuous four piece from distant Gdansk at last year’s Colors of Ostrava or this year’s Sharpe festival in Bratislava, but their remarkable mix of punk, psychedelic, pop or noise has been noticed by journalists across Western Europe and their fourth album has been released on the British label Blue tapes. The band speaks both Swans and Beatles in one breath, and journalists talk about Syd Barrett, Mogwai or Radiohead, which – though not painting a picture of very happy music – raises the audience’s growing respect and desire to understand the ambiguous and unscheduled songs.

Nenápadnou čtveřici z dalekého Gdaňsku jste už mohli vidět na loňských Colours of Ostrava nebo letošním bratislavském Sharpe festivalu, ale jejich pozoruhodného mixu punku, psychedelie, popu nebo noise si už všimli i novináři v Západní Evropě, a jejich čtvrté album nakonec vyšlo na britském labelu Blue tapes. Kapela mluví jedním dechem o Swans i Beatles, a novináři zas o Sydu Barrettovi, Mogwai nebo Radiohead, což ve výsledku – ačkoli opravdu nejde o příliš veselou hudbu – vzbuzuje stále větší respekt publika a jeho chuť porozumět nejednoznačným a neprvoplánovým skladbám.

SXSW / The Liberator

„Many artists come from abroad to take advantage of the unique opportunity SXSW offers, including Polish psychedelic rock group, Trupa Trupa. Trupa Trupa attempts to combine many disparate musical styles and genres, based on each members’ preference and style. The group’s lead vocalist, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, claims that this blending of styles is part of what makes the band unique. Dalej SXSW / The Liberator

SXSW / Gigwise

Trupa Trupa jednym z 15 najlepszych zespołów tegorocznej edycji SXSW wg Gigwise!

„Whether it’s the heavy, jarring soundscape from new Subpop signings out of Gdansk, Trupa Trupa, or the Pavement-influenced juggernaut of Japan’s Stereogirl, SXSW brings the cream of international music to one spot unlike any other festival.”