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Of The Sun – prasa

Channeling a wary mixture of dread and hope, the Polish indie rockers tighten the slackness of previous records into a potent fusion of post-hardcore and shoegaze.[…] More than just revel in the tension between medium and message, Trupa Trupa are the rare dystopian post-punk band to embrace optimism and levity as necessary survival mechanisms.[…] Trupa Trupa may not have the perfect prescription for a better world, but they welcome you to imagine one together.

Stuart Berman, Pitchfork


Just really dug them a lot. Trupa Trupa. A band that is at once very experimental but also deeply commited to the kind of noise that gets you out of your seat. You can get the sense that there is a lot of social protest, a lot of noise on behalf of the issues that matter. This is Trupa Trupa. The new album is called Of the Sun out in September. This is a track that really has a great sort of heavy metal Radiohead vibe about it and I really dig it. Keep an eye of that record.

David Fricke, Rolling Stone, SiriusXM


Trupa Trupa Convert Historical Trauma into Post-Punk Catharsis on Of The Sun.

Zach Schonfeld, Paste Magazine


This gripping and energetic record packs a serious punch!

Ben Thompson, Mojo


Trupa Trupa continue to hit the mark as they experiment with simplification without excising the art from their rock.

Ian King, The Line of Best Fit


Of The Sun pośród najlepszych właśnie wydanych albumów wg radia NPR w cyklu New Music Friday! „The band Trupa Trupa has an album out now called Of The Sun. And it is a great one!” stwierdza Robin Hilton.



Trupa Trupa’s Of The Sun takes apparently simple songs and brutally smashes them up. A gripping slog with beautiful, luminous moments that stay with you long after you’ve stopped listening.

Richard Foster, The Quietus


Of the Sun draws on wider strands of what could be broadly called “21st century post-rock”…The epic punch of Trupa Trupa’s songs feels like it has a grimmer edge, one that betrays a sense that things may not be as you want them to be. All too apt for the current times.

Ned Raggett, Bandcamp Daily [Album of the Day]


This Polish band’s fifth album is a solid set of psych-tinged post-punk with a dark, atmospheric sound featuring ominous guitars, stern rhythms and haunting melodies.

Don Yates, New Music Reviews, KEXP


The Polish quartet reaches new hypnotic heights… As summer fades and the rains cometh, we recommend grabbing this moody delight and getting lost for a little while. It’s well worth the trip.

Sam Walker-Smart, Clash Magazine


A band that unlock many things in their listeners. Their music is certainly adept at opening up a number of intriguing psychic contradictions, or emotional opposites.

Richard James Foster, Louder Than War


Can’t wait for trupatrupaband’s new album, Of the Sun, due this September!

Kevin Cole, KEXP


I am loving the music of Trupa Trupa out of Poland.

Stuart Maconi, BBC Radio 6 Music Dalej Of The Sun – prasa

Premiera video do piosenki Another Day – Clash Magazine

„Poland’s Trupa Trupa Share Striking ‚Another Day’ Video.

Poland’s Trupa Trupa have a deconstructive approach to songwriting.

A group who break guitar music down to its components, they re-assemble these shards of noise into strange pieces of art.

New album ‚Of The Sun’ lands on September 13th, and it’s another dazzling dose of invention from a band whose reputation is extending across the continent. Dalej Premiera video do piosenki Another Day – Clash Magazine

Of The Sun – trasa

Sep 24 → The Hague [NL], Paard
Sep 25 → Paris [FR], Point Éphémère
Sep 27 → London [UK], Sebright Arms [with Design a Wave]
Oct 8 → New York [USA], Union Pool [with Honduras]
Oct 9 → Washington DC [USA], Pie Shop [with Tone]
Oct 11 → Palm Springs [USA], Alibi
Oct 12 → Lake Perris [USA], Desert Daze Festival
Oct 13 → San Francisco [USA], Independent [with Altin Gun]
Oct 14 → Los Angeles [USA], Echo [with Temples]
Nov 06 → Warsaw [PL], Pogłos
Nov 07 → Poznan [PL], Meskalina
Nov 08 → Gdansk [PL], Drizzly Grizzly
Nov 09 → Wroclaw [PL], D.K. Luksus
Nov 10 → Cracow [PL], Klub RE
Nov 11 → Košice [SK], Tabačka Kulturfabrik
Nov 27 → Tourcoing [FR], Festival Haute Fréquence
Nov 28 → Nyon [CH], La Parpenthese
Nov 29 → Basel [CH], Hirscheneck
Nov 30 → Winterthur [CH], Albani [with Glaston]
Dec 02 → Brighton [UK], The Hope & Ruin
Dec 04 → Glasgow [UK], The Hug & Pint
Dec 05 → Leeds [UK], Hyde Park Book Club
Dec 07 → Nijmegen [NL], Upon The My Oh My Festival
Dec 09 → Copenhagen [DK], Huset
Dec 11 → Groningen [NL], VERA

Steve Lamacq / BBC Radio 6 Music

Steve Lamacq zagrał utwór „Mangle” z nadchodzącej płyty „Of The Sun” w audycji 6 Music Recommends na antenie BBC Radio 6 Music.

Podcast od 27: 30

Recenzja koncertu na OFF Festivalu – Under The Radar Magazine

„However, Sunday truly starts with Trupa Trupa. There has been a lot of talk of this fast-growing Polish band hotly tripped to spread across to the West after impressing at SXSW plus Primavera, and with the imminent release of their new album Of the Sun, plus a newly announced world tour, I was eager to check them out for myself. Drawing on aspects of post punk, ambient post rock, and just a hint of pulsing psyche, they certainly impress by carving out their own unique sonic space that doesn’t neatly fit with any current trends, driving themselves ahead rather than just riding the wind of what is currently popular. Singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski snarls in brattish English, his acerbic vocals floating inside watery delay that will no doubt serve them well at their dates in the US and UK. I love the guy who has constructed his own cigar box guitar out of what looks like a flight case, giving the band that sharp tiny cutting tone to put your teeth on edge. Dalej Recenzja koncertu na OFF Festivalu – Under The Radar Magazine

BBC Radio 6 Music

„I am loving the music of Trupa Trupa out of Poland.”

Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6 Music, Freak Zone


The Current

Piosenka Longing zadebiutowała właśnie na antenie radia The Current w audycji New Hot Davida Safara.

Podcast –