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Leo Baeck Institute London

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski will be speaking at the Leo Baeck Institute London on November 28th. The talk will be at the Senate House of the University of London. Please also make sure to look at the whole series of talks for 2024, which will include talks by Dr. Baijayanti Roy, Prof. Dani Kranz, and Prof. Kay Schiller.

The Beet / Meduza

Trudging through the soft earth of an autumnal forest, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski stops in a clearing. His trademark black jeans with gold ringmaster trim contrast against the greens and browns of the trees that rustle like the sounds of the Polish language in the wind.


For the second time recently I am writing the same words: I am extremely proud of the city of Gdańsk, the city which remembers and takes care. Yesterday after the shocking anti-Semitic scandal in the Polish pwicz with a suggestion of taking some action.