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B FLAT A review – The Times

From the underground music scene of Gdansk, Poland, come this excellent four-piece whose unlikely combination of driving rhythms, sweet atmospheric moments and surreal sense of humour add up to a post-punk Pink Floyd, with awkwardness and dreaminess in equal measure. All and All sounds like the kind of cosmic glide that could have come off The Dark Side of the Moon, but Uselessness rumbles with menace. Very much an authentically Polish take on rock history, this is a fascinating and unique record, driven by a real sense of urgency.

Will Hodgkinson, The Times

A four star London gig review in The Times and The Sunday Times

Coming to the capital after the worst storm in 30 years, Trupa Trupa appeared to take the challenges of being on tour in the midst of such meteorological mayhem in their stride. “So good to be in London after two years of hell,” said Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, the singer of the band, from Gdansk in Poland, which took elements of progressive rock, punk and the avant-garde and infused them with a sense of humour.

B FLAT A review – Pitchfork

In his life and art, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski has devoted himself to anti-fascism, which, in his native Poland, has become something of a full-time job. As a descendent of a concentration-camp survivor, he’s channeled themes of intergenerational trauma and the banality of evil into celebrated works of poetry that have led to guest-lecturer gigs at universities around the world.

B FLAT A review – KEXP

This Polish band’s sixth album is a well-crafted set of ominous rock ranging from driving, tension-filled post-punk to atmospheric psych-rock, with often-dark lyrics for these troubled times.

Don Yates,

Twice Upon A Rhyme

What strange music: joyful, optimistic, happy, rich. It sounds like Nick Drake not on a dark side, but on a bright side of the moon. ‘Gentle Blue Cherry Bell’, from this great LP, blooms from the same garden as the one tended by Syd Barrett. And what magnificent orchestration is on this mighty ‘Twice Upon A Rhyme’ album! This joyfully psychedelic LP reminds me of the atmosphere of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, the spirituality of The Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’, and the works of Cat Stevens and Jethro Tull. But this is not an imitation but a very original thing. This is a brilliant musical lost world, a world that should definitely be rediscovered.

Western University / City Lights Bookshop

Western University and City Lights Bookshop invite you to the event:

Confronting Hate: Artistic responses to history, genocide and rising right wing nationalism. A conversation with – Grzegorz Kwiatkowski – a Gdańsk-based poet, musician, and the lead singer of the internationally acclaimed art-rock band, Trupa Trupa.

Meeting led by Dr. Amanda Grzyb will take place on Wednesday January 26, 2022 11:am – 12.00pm EST [UTC/GMT-5).

The event will live stream here: