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Kevin Cole / KEXP

Piosenka „Remainder” ponownie w audycji „The Afternoon Show” Kevina Cole’a.

Wywiad na łamach magazynu Skug

„Antisemitism, fascism, retrogressivity are again most relevant today. Before the release of their new album »Of the Sun« by Trupa Trupa and the attached tour with stop in the US, here an interview with singer and poet Grzegorz Kwiatkowski about Poland, the Shoah, and art in general. Dalej Wywiad na łamach magazynu Skug

6 Music Recommends

Piosenka „Remainder” trafiła do serii „6 Music Recommends” Toma Ravenscrofta na antenie BBC Radio 6 Music.

Podcast od 10:15


Piosenka „Remainder” zadebiutowała na antenie KEXP w audycji The Afternoon Show Kevina Cole.


Piosenka „Remainder” została singlem tygodnia Getintothis!

„Psych rock all the way from Gdansk, Poland, Trupa Trupa bring us a heavily political song in the way of Remainder. Built around the refrain ‘Well it did not take place’ the song is a two-fingered salute to all those who call fake news and try to whitewash the past while spouting nationalist ideologies. Driving drums and dissonant guitars create an atmosphere full of dread that makes you feel like the whole weight of the world is bearing down on you, which given the current political climate we find ourselves in makes perfect sense.”

Gigwise o singlu Remainder

„Anti-fascist psych rockers from Poland Trupa Trupa have released a video for a song pointing the finger at those whitewashing history. Holocaust denial is perhaps one of the big themes here and the music is very powerful. One of the best bands around at the moment, don’t sleep on these.

Gdansk-based psychedelic rockers Trupa Trupa released the arresting single ‚Dream About’ back in February. It prompted us to catch their awesome live show at SXSW and we’ve been keeping a keen eye on their socials ever since hoping for the follow up. Their new single ‚Remainder’, and accompanying video, is that follow up. The track centres around a cacophonous swirl of transcendent guitars, pounding motorik beats, and meaningful, Fugazi-influenced lyricism where we hear the words „It did not take place!” scornfully repeated in an intriguing melodic fashion. Dalej Gigwise o singlu Remainder