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Tears for Fears’ Songs From the Big Chair Turns 35: Musicians Reflect on ’80s Pop Favorite.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Lead vocalist and guitarist, Trupa Trupa

“A very powerful and very visionary album. In some way, it sounds like a mix of psychoanalytic Ingmar Bergman movies like Persona and books such as Trial by Kafka or 1984 by Orwell. Maybe I am wrong but I can feel modern fears in this Big Chair air. Such as: global financial forces are fighting with individuality and freedom. This album is full of paradoxes. It’s both pessimistic and scary and on the other hand it is very calm, almost romantic. At some points, it has some philosophical and existential kind of lyrics. Phrases like: And I believe, no I can’t believe / That every time you hear a newborn scream / You just can’t see the shaping of a life / The shaping of a life” are a real poetry. It’s just great writing and great work of art.”

Ron Hart,

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Crippling the Entertainment Industry – Consequence of Sound

Given that Europe is now the epicenter of the pandemic, European bands—like Poland’s psych-rock group Trupa Trupa—have also been heavily affected. “On March 10, Trupa Trupa was supposed to play a big show in Warsaw with Mura Masa,” says the band’s lead vocalist, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski in an email. “We packed our equipment and started to drive from Gdansk to the capital, and just 10 minutes later we had information from Live Nation that this show is canceled because of the government’s new coronavirus policy. So we stopped our van and returned home.” Dalej How the Coronavirus Pandemic Is Crippling the Entertainment Industry – Consequence of Sound

Recenzja EP – Skug

„Soeben ist die neue 4-Song-EP von Trupa Trupa erschienen. Erst im September 2019 hatte das Danziger Quartett sein fünftes Album »Of The Sun« veröffentlicht. Diesmal breiten sich die psychedelischen Atmosphären weitaus weniger beatbetont rockig als auf Album-Tracks wie »Longing« aus. Was ja tendenziell in Richtung Unendlichkeit weist, wird in maximal vierminütigen Songs konzentriert: mal meditativ repetitiv, mal krautrockig explorativ. Dafür die Genrehülse »Post Rock« zu bemühen, wäre Unsinn. Schöpft diese Musik ihre Inspirationen doch aus bis zu 45 Jahre alten Strömungen. »Fitzcarraldo« kann als eine aus der Zeit gefallene Hommage an die Stimmungen, die Werner Herzogs Soundtüftler Popol Vuh erzeugten, gehört werden. »Invisible Door« lenkt die Wahrnehmung zwar nicht »auf die andere Seite«; aber mit Rafał Wojczals Stimme weht ein Hauch von Neil Young (ca. 1974) den winterlichen Restlurch hinfort. Freut euch, der Frühling hat im Hier und Jetzt begonnen.”

Peter Kaiser,


Kim byłby Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, gdyby nie został poetą i muzykiem, członkiem zespołu Trupa Trupa?

Który artysta wywarł na ciebie największy wpływ?

W dziedzinie muzycznej – Glenn Gould. W dziedzinie literackiej – Czesław Miłosz łamany na Thomasa Manna i Thomasa Bernharda.

Bez czego nie wyobrażasz sobie pracy twórczej? Jakie rytuały towarzyszą ci w pracy? Dalej Kwestionariusz

Rozmowa z No-Wave

We look from one angle, but remember from many. Join the ever-generous Trupa Trupa frontman, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, to dig through the crates of time in the wake of the release of the band’s EP, I’ll Find. Dalej Rozmowa z No-Wave

Recenzja EP – No-Wave

Trupa Trupa are one of the most earnest and hard-working bands currently working. It’s no wonder frontman Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is an avowed Werner Herzog fan; after all, he’s heading a band who are practicing acolytes of the German director’s artistic aspirationalism. Dalej Recenzja EP – No-Wave

Recenzja EP – Benzine magazyn

Le nouveau EP des post rockers polonais de Trupa Trupa inspiré notamment par Werner Herzog et Joseph Konrad s’écoutera de préférence sous un couché de soleil toxique et une lune psychotrope.

Les polonais de Trupa Trupa peuvent s’enorgueillir d’avoir été signés sur des labels prestigieux comme Ici d’Ailleurs (France), Sub Pop (USA) ou récemment Glitterbeat (Allemagne). A l’image de ce passage sur ces quelques labels, leur musique évolue au gré des albums. Dalej Recenzja EP – Benzine magazyn

David Fricke o EP – SiriusXM

I want to play something brand new – this is a group that I’ve featured on the show a number of times. They have a new EP, they are from Gdansk, Poland. Trupa Trupa – I’ve described them as a contemporary edition of Radiohead in some ways, very progressive, also very political. They come from a country that has been going through many of the same issues of polarity and racism and just people not coming together the way they should and this is a band that speaks out about it very eloquently and profoundly. This is Trupa Trupa, the EP is called ‘I’ll Find’. It’s out this week and this is the opening track “End of the line”.