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Recenzja B FLAT A – MOJO

Gdansk rockers add fresh pre-punk ingredients to their Baltic bouillabaisse. The first three tracks of this sinewy sixth album revisit the taut post-hardcore that earned Grzegorz Kwiatkowski’s muscular quartet the reductive but appealing soubriquet ‘the Polish Fugazi’. The next five take them into new territory. Lines brings a clear (and all the more welcome for its unexpectedness) echo of mid-period Pink Floyd to the table. Uniforms’ sinister singalong chorus, “I wanna be all my uniforms” also showcases serious stadium-rock potential, while All And All could be one of those tantalising McCartney new song fragments in Get Back. When that woozy melodic miasma kicks into the ferocious moshpit churn of Uselessness – imagine Fire Dances-era Killing Joke asked to write a song about Covid-19 in an unspecified second language – it feels like Trupa Trupa have cracked it.

Ben Thompson, MOJO