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The New York Times Style Magazine / Hanya Yanagihara / TMicronovel

W związku ze zbliżającą się premierą książki “Crops” pisarka Hanya Yanagihara i The New York Times Style Magazine zaprosili Grzegorza Kwiatkowskiego do projektu “TMicronovel”.

For this installment of TMicronovel, which typically pairs a photo and a very short work of fiction, we went in a slightly different direction: Below is “decree”, a poem by Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, who, in addition to being a poet — his new collection, “Crops”, comes out Nov. 1 — is also a member of the post-punk band Trupa Trupa. Kwiatkowski also shared an image that he took at the French military cemetery in Gdańsk, Poland.


the president of the state of S.
at the instigation of myriad citizens
issued a decree
annulling death

from one day to the next the cemeteries were transformed
into verdant parks
and hospices and hospitals
into kindergartens

we stand on the market square
of one of the towns of S.
the faces of the townsfolk:
we see no fear
no trace of sleepless night

someone has written
on the nearby wall:
innocent sunsets

Tłumaczenie: Peter Constantine