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Ron Hart

„One of my favorite bands out of Europe these days is Trupa Trupa out of Gdansk, Poland. Their excellent new album, Jolly New Songs, is due out in late October, but they just released their first single, To Me, which sounds to me like The Beach Boys’ Surfs Up crashing into MBV’s Loveless. Give it a listen, won’t you?” Dalej Ron Hart

Rozmowa z Backseat Mafia

Trupa Trupa is a psychedelic no wave band from Gdansk, Poland. Their stylistic approach recalls work by bands like Shellac, Swans, Slint and Beak>. There is such discordance, tension and intensity in their compositions that it feels like the band is genuinely inclined to deconstruct the traditional rock format. Despite the tensions inherent in their music, Trupa Trupa employ counterbalancing, phosphorescent melodies that, coupled with deeply macabre lyrics, help the group craft their own distinct identity. Humour, photography and psychogeography (the art of walking) also play major roles in developing their sound. When combined, these stylistic tendencies place the listener in the existential head space that mirrors Malcolm Bucknall’s ‘Falling Dog‘ from the cover of ‘Down’ by The Jesus Lizard: perpetually still, forever in motion, woefully uncertain about its fate and panic-stricken to the core of its being. Already three albums into their career, with the fourth long player, ‘Jolly New Songs’, set to be released on 27 October, the band have been receiving a wealth of positive critical responses from the likes of The Quietus, KEXP, BBC6 Music and even Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop. Backseat Mafia caught up with guitarist and singer, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, following Trupa Trupa’s recent show at Katowice’s OFF Festival and asked him about the band and its motivations.

Dalej Rozmowa z Backseat Mafia

Zapowiedź Jolly New Songs – The Quietus

„Gdansk-based Trupa Trupa announce their second album for Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records. October will see the release of the fourth album from Trupa Trupa, and their second with the Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records labels following 2015’s Headache. Entitled Jolly New Songs, the album sees the band gunning for an overtly more triumphant tone than previous offerings. You can check out the first taste of the record via the video above for lead track ‚To Me’, a warming, somewhat anthemic cut with an underbelly of darkness, summing up the Gdansk-based group’s new tack on Jolly New Songs. The new album is out on October 27 while the band will play London’s Lexington on September 2.”

Christian Eede,


Pierwszy singiel i teledysk TO ME zapowiadający płytę Jolly New Songs, która ukaże się 27 października jako międzynarodowa kooperacja wytwórni Ici d’ailleurs i Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records. Teledysk wyreżyserował norweski artysta Benjamin Finger.

Jolly New Songs

27 października odbędzie się światowa premiera płyty Jolly New Songs, która ukaże się jako międzynarodowa kooperacja dwóch prestiżowych wytwórni – francuskiej Ici d’ailleurs (w katalogu Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation, Stefan Wesołowski) oraz brytyjskiej Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records (w katalogu Jute Gyte, Tashi Dorji, Mats Gustafsson, Katie Gately). Za polską promocję i dystrybucje płyty odpowiedzialna jest legendarna Antena Krzyku (Dezerter, Ewa Braun, Hańba, Siksa). Dalej Jolly New Songs

Zapowiedź Jolly New Songs – The Sunday Experience

„Prepare to be arrested and smittened, for looming on a distant horizon, a new full length from Trupa Trupa waits in patient quiet majesty. With its dials set for stun, ‘Jolly New Songs’ is due for release this Autumn via Ici d’ailleurs and Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records, from what we’ve heard so far, this set may well prove to be one of the albums of year and will into the bargain, blew many away in terms of its impacting reach. So, while we get to prepping a full review, there be the small though essential matter of a pre-teaser download only single heading out at the end of next week in the guise of ‘to me’. A heavenly visitation which from the start is shrouded, peppered and turned in a sepia tipped celestial love note framing, its opining adoring bathed in a softly shimmered spectral kiss that soon begins to fracture and emotionally unravel in a thunderous bliss burning haze of anxious urgency. As stunning as it is emotionally draining. Alas no sound links just now, rest assured missives are being fired.”

Mark Barton,

Recenzja koncertu na OFF Festivalu – Drowned In Sound

„I’m glad to see plenty of other Polish acts dotting the bill as well, and the country’s busy musical underground doesn’t let us down. Later the same day Trupa Trupa (an indie group from the coastal city of Gdańsk in the north of Poland) run through songs from their record Headache released last year. Frontman/poet/lyricist/singer Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is fittingly world-weary in character, putting all his energy into the dizzying heights of Trupa Trupa’s many anthemic (English language) choruses. Organs and swaying rock rhythms buttress the band through a thoughtful and inviting set on the main stage, a blueprint for the modern Polish indie band.”

Tristan Bath,