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Asskick From Poland

„There are certain rules about posting first review. It can’t be some extreme sulfuric satanish blasphemy, speedcore rapping in local language or lowercase basscrushing electronics. I’ve choose Trupa Trupa as their seem to be a band that lot of people can get into.

Do not be fooled by those pluses in the album title (or the cover), it’s not witch house. Trupa Trupa (what can be translated as Troupe of the Cadaver. “Troupe” and “cadaver” sounds the same in polish language, but we have separate words for a dream when You really want to meet Iggy Pop and for a dream when You’re sleeping and seeing Iggy eating some raw power veggie breakfast with Your mom) is a rock band, what sounds like “ocher is a color”. You wanna know what is the color of this Cadaver and his troupe? I’ll tell You that, they are red hot as their boiling track “See You Again”, they are depressive gray as “Here and Then”, they are deadly black as “I Hate” and they are amalgam of each color in best acid trip You could imagine (mostly thanks to a organs turning time into 60′s and shoegazing guitar).

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski (I dare You to read his name loudly!) – leader, vocalist and guitarist of the band – is a pretty good poet and I mean poetry that is actually printed by a publisher, not thrown in some wacky forum for a sad philology graduates. His poems are all in polish, but believe me He knows how to put verbs around nouns. Oh wait, You don’t have to believe me, just listen to it below. It was one of the best polish albums of 2013 and You got to check it.”