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Recenzja Headache – Debris Magazine

„Trupa Trupa’s shoegaze tendencies and the charming yet delightfully menacing vocals from Grzegorz Kwiatkowski has payed respect to rock culture while successfully carving their own place in it all. Trupa Trupa has been making waves around Poland, central, and eastern Europe for the past few years now and March 7th we will see their third release. We’re delighted to premiere the track ‘Sacrifice’ ahead of the release of ‘Headache’.

‘Sacrifice’ is the fourth track on the album and it immediately woos you with it’s intimate vocals and kitschy yet playful lyrics. The track provides a really consistent and relatable swing thanks to the warm minor chord progressions and gradual crawl. Digest it’s overcast melodics and stream ‘Sacrifice’ in full below.”

Nathaniel Young,