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Reżyser Marcel Hones o video: „The lyrics of Longing led me to think about the way that existence does not always possess obvious meaning. I view the lyrics as a commentary on the way humans often live in extreme and destructive ways to compensate for the futility of their actions. This perspective of existence is bleak, but only part of the picture. In the words of John Caputo, “The fact that things have come about by the most extraordinary strings of cosmic luck and singular sequences of cosmic cycling and are vulnerable to the slightest shift in cosmic circumstance does not lessen but only magnifies their preciousness.” This quote suggests that life, amidst the chaos and randomness of the universe is the greatest example of meaning. In other words all aspects of existence, the seemingly good and bad, are necessary and possess their own value in the universe. In my video I aim to explore the complexities of finding meaning in futility and monotony. These aspects of existence can result in destruction or shed light on the beauty and poetic nature of existence. The characters in the video move and search constantly but attain nothing. The brutality of their actions is juxtaposed with the poetic nature of the song and 8mm film style. I hope to nauseate the viewer with the intensity of the characters yet provide moments to take a breath amidst the never ending lack of accomplishment.”