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Najlepsze albumy 2017 roku – Amerykański Newsweek

Jolly New Songs jedną z najlepszych great overlooked płyt 2017 roku wg Amerykańskiego Newsweeka.

„You can’t hear everything. Maybe you caught up on Lorde’s Melodrama and spent the holidays bumping the new U2 album, but a lot of great music still fell through the cracks of the year-end-list frenzy. We’ve prepared this list of 11 great albums that largely evaded mainstream recognition in 2017. From the minimalist post-punk of Sneaks to the eccentric Polish band Trupa Trupa, each of these albums is worth your time and dollars. […] The band is Polish and the lyrics are in English, but the undercurrent of anxiety and dread that distinguishes Trupa Trupa’s music knows no nationality. Rarely jolly and unfailingly morbid, vocalist Grzegorz Kwiatkowski gets spooked by visions of falling, coffins, death and the lingering sting of humiliation as his band charts the links between psych-rock and post-punk with unswerving intensity. Occasionally, this band’s grasp of the power of repetition is reminiscent of Krautrock; “Only Good Weather” turns the titular phrase into a deranged, sing-song-y mantra, while “Love Supreme” transforms its Coltrane-inspired title into a gloomy dirge from hell.”

Zach Schonfeld,