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Najlepsze płyty 2015 roku – Magazyn Beehype

Headache jedną z najlepszych płyt 2015 roku wg Magazynu Beehype.

„The greatest sin of guitar bands is forgeting how powerful the dynamics of sound might be. Last years gave us a huge amount of guitar albums that simply lacked that knowledge. On their third album, Trupa Trupa deliver a story. “Headache” is a beautifully crafted piece on tiredness. The idea of concept album may seem a bit outdated and monumental, but “Headache” gives it a new approach. It’s not only about putting tracks in the right order, beginning with a slacker-athem, progressing into a repetitive down-tempo inner part and ending with a Swans-like climax. It’s also a great example of conscious production. The story of tiredness is told with dense sound that skips into dreamy, seventies ballads without the obvious retro touch. One of the most coherent pieces of guitar music in years.”

Małgorzata Halber, Magazyn Beehype