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Premiera video do piosenki Another Day – Clash Magazine

„Poland’s Trupa Trupa Share Striking ‘Another Day’ Video.

Poland’s Trupa Trupa have a deconstructive approach to songwriting.

A group who break guitar music down to its components, they re-assemble these shards of noise into strange pieces of art.

New album ‘Of The Sun’ lands on September 13th, and it’s another dazzling dose of invention from a band whose reputation is extending across the continent.

Ahead of the album’s release we can share new single ‘Another Day’, and it’s an immersive new video.

Aleksander Makowski directs the clip, and it’s explicitly linked to the band’s songwriting. A track based around repetition, the visuals move from the Polish countryside, a landscape that is both beautiful and fraught with history.

The director comments…

The repetitive lyrics and poetic aura of ‘Another Day’ instantly created an image that I tried to reproduce in this video. I usually find inspiration in the things that are untold or unseen and for an unknown reason I find it attractive to take pictures of the people from behind.

There is some strange quality and mystery to it that I really like. The video is built around repetition in a PIXIES’ ‘Velouria’ meets ‘Shoah’ (Lanzman’s documentary from 1985) manner and I would like to think about it in a rather conceptual way.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Trupa Trupa’s frontman, adds…

It really reminds me of this first part of ‘Shoah’ by Lanzmann, and of course this whole music by Trupa Trupa is in some way the effect of human catastrophe which happened long time ago on territory of Poland and it still affects us.

Tune in now.”

Robin Murray, Clash Magazine