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Recenzja Headache – Altered Frequencies

„This foursome from Gdansk, Poland are a mix of no wave and post punk with a touch of psychedelia thrown in. It makes for a trippy sound that goes all over the place, but holds together well at the same time.

I listened to this while it was storming outside after midnight and it definitely was the right way to listen to this album. The sounds, sometimes creepy like on “Getting Older” were perfectly suited for that atmosphere. This isn’t a happy time, drive with the windows down kind of album, it’s really full of textures that you need the time and right state of mind to be in to really appreciate it. A day at the beach with this just wouldn’t be the right place, but a quiet, rainy night…perfection. The songs are performed with skill, and you can hear the emotion in the vocals while the band adds to the swirling mix and at times brings things down to a crawl like on “Give’em All.” The album really takes you on a trip, one that lifts you up, and then spins you around, then brings you back to reality all in one song at times, but especially as you listen to the whole album.

A very interesting ride, one that has to really be heard to comprehend and enjoyed. If you want to escape for a while, this is the flight that you are looking for and it’s first class all the way.”

Rick Ecker,