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Recenzja Headache – Haydon Spenceley

„Alternative Rock from Gdansk, Poland, Trupa Trupa combine unsettling tones with just enough melody and pop nous to draw the listener right in to the midst of the swirling 90s alt rock atmosphere their new album Headache successfully creates. “Snow” opens proceedings with a heavy groove, teetering on the brink of a loss of control. Single “Halleyesonme” (watch the video above) takes things in a lower key, more atmospheric direction, whilst “Wasteland”, a particular highlight, shimmers and crunches in equal measure. “Getting Older” is discordant and hard work, but ultimately deeply satisfying. It needs concentration, but the best music should demand focus from the listener. Conversely. “Unbelievable” is almost lovely, an open-strummed pop song with real depth. This is the point with Trupa Trupa. They plough their own furrow, almost daring you to join in with them. Released on UK label Blue Tapes, this is their third album. An album that rewards repeated listens, and a band that I have no doubt would go down well on the UK festival circuit. Never settling for simply one style, this runs the gamut of noise-rock. Impressive drums from Tomek Pawluczuk punctuate the album. Really though, this is a challenging but inspiring listen. This is the sound of an exciting new band deserving of attention.”

Haydon Spenceley,