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Recenzja Headache – Terrascope

„This is a pop combo from Gdansk, Poland. Their music ranges between DIY vibes and complexity which makes me think the DIY part is the heart of their music and the complexity is their true talents and capacity. This album presents 11 songs of varies kind; sometimes it’s a bit Syd-Barrett:ish, like one of my favvo-tracks, the long “Getting Older” which starts with SB whimsies and grows to an epic piece with heavy organ and fuzz bass. Or, “Give ‘em all” which could be something from Spiritualized’s first 3 albums, a good, melancholic tune. Etc. There are also a couple of power rock tunes which isn’t my strict cup of tea, but wtf, they are ok. The title track is the longest song, some 9 minutes, and it goes into post-rock territories, maybe not of Godspeed proportions, but the building up of the tune from softness to an intensive wall of repetitive sounds are we familiar to. Excellent stuff! All in all it’s an attractive album from these four Polish gentlemen.”