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Recenzja Sacrifice – The Sunday Experience

„Trupa trupa will be getting further mentions in these pages when that is we manage to rescue an email from our bulging in box we received from blue tapes many weeks back. This release was admittedly on repeat play and due for critical love but somehow got lost in the recent move shenanigans. Anyhow enough of that this is ‘sacrifice’ a killer slice of distractively alluring sleepy headed sun pop that creaks, groans and weaves decidedly off kilter and for that matter off road to sound like a somewhat distressed disciple of the Elephant 6 Collective whose packed its bags for a road adventure to join it heroes only to arrive and find the circus has moved out of town, everything about this works in a vague beaten around the edges kind of way, as to references – well you wouldn’t go far wrong thinking Apples in Stereo.”

Mark Barton,