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Rhytm for Refugees

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski będzie gościem festiwalu Rhytm for Refugees. Transmisja jutro około godziny 21.00.

„Grzegorz Kwiatkowski – poet and musician living in Gdansk; songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist in the intriguing Trupa Trupa band. He has published seven books of poetry, his poems have been translated into English and German, and appeared in many influential literary magazines. Trupa Trupa works with international labels and concert agencies and performs at major festivals and world stages. Recently their tracks were played by Iggy Pop on his BBC Radio 6 Music show and by Henry Rollins on KCRW. In his poetic work, Grzegorz perilously explores nooks and crannies of human nature in their whole complexity: from the elusive banality of every-day life to our all too human susceptibility to evilness and cruelty. He compulsively collects voices, little pieces of speech, remains of the life and times of the Others, and uses his “specimens” like a brick to build the wobbly bridges between the Present and the Past, between Us and Them. His poetry operates like a medium that summons the spirits from history and allows them to whisper, to call out. Thereby, Grzegorz is not very eager to read his poems by himself, and yet he agreed to make an exception of this rule in order to support the Rhythm for Refugees initiative.”

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