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Rock and Roll Globe / Longing / Of The Sun

„Great modern psychedelic rock is alive and well and living its best life in Poland. And leading the present charge of innovative talent from Eastern Europe is Trupa Trupa, who will be releasing their excellent, excellent new album, Of The Sun, on September 13th via Lovitt Records – a taste of which you can check out on their BandCamp page.

The Gdansk-based band, comprised of Grzegorz Kwiatkowski (vocal, guitar), Wojciech Juchniewicz (vocal, bass guitar, guitar), Rafał Wojczal (second guitar, keys), and Tomasz Pawluczuk (drums), will be embarking upon their first U.S. tour this fall with dates that include an October 8th gig at Union Pool in Brooklyn.

An early listen to Of The Sun reveals a tremendous amoutnt of growth for Trupa Trupa since their formation over a decade ago. The basslines of Juchniewicz, for instance, indeed smack of pointed-yet-elastic rhythms that split the difference between Peter Hook and Tony Levin, especially while while the increased presence of Wojczal on acoustic piano really adds a level of nuanced beauty into this varied collection of songs expressed so wonderfully through Kwiatowski, who is like if Syd Barrett, Roger Waters and David Gilmour were just one man instead of three. It also makes perfect sense for this band to sign to a Dischord-adjacent label, given the strong Fugazi vibes they express as well, especially through the forceful Canty-esque drumming of Tomasz Pawluczuk. That is they decided one day to have their hopefully one day possibly forthcoming reunion album produced by Kevin Shields. Or perhaps even Robert Fripp, in the spirit of the Peter Gabriel “Scratch” LP. Whatever you want to call it, this band is turning the concept of post-hardcore rock on its ear with a heavy beauty fans of Deafheaven, Cave In and Lovitt labelmates The Mercury Program will most certainly appreciate.

The RNR Globe will indeed be delving deeper into the happenings of this most talented group in the months to come, but for now please check out the following tour dates followed by the video for their new single “Longing.” Check these guys out while they are in the States!”

Ron Hart,