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Skug magazine / Waves Vienna

Koncert Trupy Trupa najlepszym występem na Festiwalu Waves Vienna wg Skug Magazine!

„Have you ever heard of Bailter Space? In the 1990s, this New Zealand band played great concerts that lifted you to a higher level of being. However, as far as I remember, they did not sound as post-punk as Trupa Trupa. Trupa Trupa played their instruments so hard and fast that you felt like you were flying into outer space. Even though they are not free jazz but rather free rock with warm, melodic hooklines, the songs are not bound into a corset, they are let loose and drift to new heights. They really played the best concert at the Waves Vienna Festival 2018. The quartet started at 7 pm and finished with a feedback-free rock-workout at 7.45. A selected audience showed, the knowing ones, so to speak. Trupa Trupa are definitely destined for greatness. Enlightenment through sound!”