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SXSW / Tucson weekly

Trupa Trupa jednym z siedmiu najciekawszych zjawisk tegorocznej edycji festiwalu SXSW wg Tucson weekly.

„Trupa Trupa’s delivery on a promise. There’s a big room in the convention center called the Flatstock, where artists sell their wares and mostly music posters. There’s also, of course, a venue in the middle of the room where bands play shows during the day. Polish rock group Trupa Trupa (which translates literally to “corpse corpse”), played a short set that made me feel hyper and like I was floating at the same time. At one point, frontman Grzegorz Kwiatkowski introduced a song: “The next song,” he cried into the microphone, “is called ‘Snow.’ And it’s about snow. Surprise! From, Poland.” One of the song’s lyrics repeats, “I’ve got nothing to hide, oh, I’ve got nothing to hide.” And they didn’t. They told us they would give us a song about snow, and they gave us a great song about snow.”

Emily Dieckman,