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Wybór z zagranicznych recenzji

Ponieważ powoli zbliża się koniec roku poniżej zamieszczamy wybór z zagranicznych recenzji albumu Headache o którym pisało kilkadziesiąt zagranicznych mediów w tym The Queitus, Tiny Mix Tapes, dwukrotnie Louder Than War, Ransome Note i wiele wiele innych nie tylko anglojęzycznych ale i japońskich, włoskich i hiszpańskich tytułów.

Nasz angielski wydawca pisze o recepcji albumu: „In 2013 we brought you Katie Gately, in 2014 there was a mini-media-frenzy over Henry Plotnick, but – in Blue Tapes world – 2015 has truly belonged to Trupa Trupa.” Ponadto piosenki z Headache były wielokrotnie emitowane przez zagraniczne stacje radiowe w Anglii (londyńskie NTS i Dandelion) oraz w Stanach Zjednoczonych – WNYU Radio.


This is incredible work. the result is their first moment of true greatness.
The Quietus

It’s 2015, everyone, and did you hear? bands are back in a big way, and trupa trupa is hands-down among the very best of them.
Tiny Mix Tapes

It’s almost as if you’re listening to a drone record and, by the time you’ve finished gazing at your shoes, it appears as though a jungle has sprung up around you and that you’re going to need a bit of a hand if you’re going to get out of here.
The Ransome Note

It’s rare that Blue Tapes have flirted with anything as conventional as a guitar band, but then Trupa Trupa are not your conventional guitar band.
Louder Than War

Headache’ is a record I quite enjoyed as it wandered and rolled and crunched and surprised along its curious 50-odd minute, eleven-track roller-coaster.
Second review on Louder Than War

Headache gives us the tools, leaving us alone. It’s as cathartic as hell.

In fact, Headache is simply a great record.
Sonic Masala

Cracking stuff.
Whisperin and Hollerin

Excellent stuff!

There’s an immense variety of awesome underground music coming out of Poland at the moment, and Trupa Trupa are a fine example. Check ‘em out.
We need no swords

I’ve only just heard Trupa Trupa’s Headache for the first time, but I’m immediately blown away.
Mecca Lecca

An album that rewards repeated listens, and a band that I have no doubt would go down well on the UK festival circuit.
Journalist Haydon Spenceley home site.

Now, this LP from Gdansk’s Trupa Trupa is good. Really good.
Incendiary Magazine

Trupa Trupa’s shoegaze tendencies and the charming yet delightfully menacing vocals from Grzegorz Kwiatkowski has payed respect to rock culture while successfully carving their own place in it all.
Debris Magazine

Seek out and obtain drugs to numb us.
The Four Oh Five

This release was admittedly on repeat play and due for critical love.
The Sunday Experience

A very interesting ride, one that has to really be heard to comprehend and enjoyed. If you want to escape for a while, this is the flight that you are looking for and it’s first class all the way.
Altered Frequencies

They use unconventional sounds, chord progressions, and structures, to dismantle expectations.
Stereo Subversion

A curious mix of Swans-like gothic psychedelia and Slint post-rock, with a smattering of Germanic influence.
Weekend Prog

An Eastern European band is almost synonym of a wall of sound in the style of Bauhaus and associates, but Trupa Trupa sounds quieter and more versatile, with American and English influences and a repertoire that is coherent and at the same time very diverse: a very balanced and nice album.
Peek A Boo Magazine

Headache, an album well recommended as maximum volume companion throughout dark’n’grey November days or even a full on dystopian future to come. Check!
Nite Stylez

An absolutely peculiar and unclassifiable record definetly worth the listen.
Roq Roto Copon

La Band polacca raggiunge l’apice nei nove lussureggianti minuti della title track, ma è l’intero album che non conosce momenti di cedimento. Sorpresa.
Rumore Magazine

Li attendiamo al prossimo album, magari avranno idee ancora più a fuoco (qui ce ne sono un bel po’, ma il tutto pecca in parte di prolissità), ce lo auguriamo.
The New Noise

Il disco conta undici brani cantati in inglese e musicati sulla scorta di un rock psichedelico che ricorda i Beatles più acidi e i Radiohead più avversi al mainstream.
7 ottobre

Qui la formula funziona. La beatlesiana “Rise and fall” , “Sacrifice” ed “Halleysonme” non sono male ma rimangono un pň insipide.
Music News

Guitars are on their way out? Wij hebben enige hoop dat dat niet zo is.
Indie Style

La nostalgia no es lo mío, pero al escuchar Headache me he dado cuenta de que echo de menos el rock ruidoso y disonante, donde un momento silencioso y lento, con instrumentación y voces dispersas y sin conexión aparente, desemboca en una tormenta de guitarras aceleradas y a todo volumen.

Tempo varieerub pidevalt ja meeleolu kõigub mõnusalt ängist mesisuseni.

En eigenlijk moet je al deze referenties gewoon ook vergeten, want Trupa Trupa levert alweer een eigengereid meeslepend en magistraal album af.

「本当の戦争とは我々一人一人の想像力の中でこそ行われているのかもしれない」。この作品を聴いて私はそう感じる。Trupa Trupaの音楽は、過去から現在、世界各地のインディー・ロックと共振する。ポーランドの、そして世界各地の歴史を呑み込んでいく。
Ki Ft

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