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Recenzja Headache remastered – Adverse Effect magazine

„The last track, ‘Picture Yourself’, on this remastered reissue of the third album by this Gdansk-based group, serves a triumphant and anthemic close to an approach converging indie-rock sensibilities with a clearly more experimental yearnings. It is due to the latter that Headache rises above the usual fare by young men attempting to straddle guitars when not otherwise ingesting poetry or dissecting the last Bela Tarr film over a bottle of cheap red plonk. Into a sometimes cascading veil of six-string attack reminiscent of Godspeed! the awkwardly named Trupa Trupa tuck in more erratic and oblique twists that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Sun City Girls album. Whilst I’d personally like to hear this decidedly avant-garde approach pushed more, the fact that it already exists not only illustrates the group have their heads screwed on but defiantly gestures towards far greater things. I’m all for joyous walls of guitar one can get utterly lost in, but more often than not it’s what lays in between ’em that counts. I look forward to the new album.”

Richard Johnson,